Parliament must speed up internal processes to push forward with G-Cloud

Parliament needs to speed up its internal decision making processes to continue taking advantage of G-Cloud, said director of Parliamentary ICT Joan Miller

Parliament needs to speed up its internal decision-making processes to continue taking advantage of G-Cloud, said director of Parliamentary ICT Joan Miller.

“We have to have quicker decision making processes to get the most out of G-Cloud,” she said.

Speaking at the Think Cloud for Government conference in London today, Miller said Parliamentary IT currently uses a five-case business model and considers planning processes for four years ahead. “How can you do that and use G-Cloud?” she asked.

Miller said Parliament is using G-Cloud to procure quickly and is getting a lot of benefit, but to take advantage of the quick procurement the cloud framework has to offer, Parliament must make its internal processes smarter and faster.

Miller also said Parliament needs to talk to end-users of IT systems.

“The world is no longer about us [CIOs],” she said. “It’s about people who work on a job who are tech workers now, and they know the tech they want for their job.”

Users are much more savvy about technology than they used to be. Miller said they have their own solutions and one of Parliament’s priorities should be to make those solutions work and safe to use.

A few weeks ago Parliament suffered from a number of IT failures and computer crashes after a supplier error. MPs and staff in Westminster were left frustrated by crashing web browsers and video as well as slow delivery of emails.

Recently, Parliament has seen a “much bigger demand” on the network from more computers on the estate and the downloading of video and audio such as 

Parliament therefore commissioned work to upgrade its internet infrastructure, but Miller said that in January one of the suppliers involved in the upgrade introduced an error into the supporting software, which seems to have led to the recent IT failures.

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