Accenture latest IT services firm to harness IPsoft automation platform

Accenture is using IPsoft automation technology to reduce the manual intervention required by customers in their IT infrastructure operations

Accenture is using automation technology from IPsoft to reduce the manual intervention required by customers in their IT infrastructure operations.

The IT services supplier will integrate IPsoft’s IPcenter software with its own IT services tools to increase its cognitive automation capabilities.

With more pressure on IT infrastructure resulting from the explosion of digital working, service disruptions are on the increase. The use of intelligent technology that can learn and automate certain tasks will be critical.

“Automation and orchestration are important components in building an intelligent infrastructure that is flexible enough to anticipate and react to changes more quickly,” said Jack Sepple, senior managing director for Accenture’s Infrastructure Services practice. “We will enhance our foundational IT services delivery and help our clients create a dynamic, agile infrastructure that balances current workloads and efficiently handles future demands.”

Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer at Accenture, said: “Autonomics will play a key role in an intelligent infrastructure by enabling constant monitoring of business processes and their application behaviour to maintain continuous availability of the required infrastructure for computing and network needs.”

IPsoft works with a large number of service providers, although in a less formal way. But it did sign an agreement with Indian IT services giant Infosys last year. Infosys is using IPsoft technology to automate the IT and business process services it provides to its global customer base.

Research from Quocirca last year found that IT staff spend 30% of their time carrying out basic tasks and are growing frustrated with the lack of time left to focus on transformational work.

The average IT worker is also using only half of the skills they possess as a result of time spent on straightforward tasks, the research found. Quocirca used data collected by research company Vanson Bourne, which interviewed 100 senior IT managers at businesses with more than 1,000 staff.

IT industry body Intellect has been raising awareness of the benefits that automation software can bring to UK businesses.

Intellect said automation software is underused in the UK, which is currently in its early adopter phase. The industry body said businesses are missing out on "white-collar automation".

Blue-collar automation is already established, with robots carrying out a sizeable proportion of manufacturing processes, said Intellect. But white-collar automation – software carrying out business processes for back offices – has a huge potential market. IPcenter can be used for business process automation as well as IT automation.

Mobile operator O2 deployed software from Blue Prism in 2012 to automate business processes, which will save millions of pounds in back-office operations and cut its reliance on offshore recruitment to cope with spikes in workload.

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