GDS intends to drop G-Cloud brand

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is planning to rebrand the G-Cloud framework to simplify purchasing for users

The Government Digital Service (GDS) intends to rebrand the G-Cloud framework to simplify purchasing for users.

Changing the brand from G-Cloud will distinguish the framework as a service catalogue rather than a cloud service, as it is sometimes incorrectly perceived.

At a Mortimer Spinks event in London last night, government CTO Liam Maxwell referred to the framework as “rather confusingly called G-Cloud”.

But the framework is also referred to as the CloudStore, which can be interchangeable with G-Cloud, leading to more confusion.

Maxwell said the government was “sorting the names out”.

The branding change will make it clearer for users and suppliers who are purchasing from the framework.

The Cabinet Office had no comment to make on this matter.

The G-Cloud programme was launched in 2012 with the aim of making it easier for public sector bodies to purchase cloud services. The CloudStore is where users can go to view and buy products from suppliers which are part of the G-Cloud programme.

The government also has other procurement systems in place, including the Public Services Network framework and the Government Digital Services Framework.

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