Poundland outsources end-to-end datacentre management to NextiraOne

Discount retailer Poundland has signed a multi-year contract with NextiraOne for complete datacentre infrastructure management

Discount retailer Poundland has signed a multi-year contract with managed services provider NextiraOne for complete datacentre infrastructure management.

The service provider will offer simple break-fix services and on-demand resources. It will also manage Poundland’s datacentre, network infrastructure, voice communications and LAN infrastructure across the retailer’s headquarter as well as its two regional distribution centres and its 500 stores in the UK.

The high street discount retailer serves over 4.5 million customers every week and its core network and datacentre facility is essential to its day-to-day operations. Its datacentre infrastructure handles everything ranging from financial and staff management systems to the integration of sales and stock information with a 24/7 warehousing operation that dispatches over 800 million items every year to the company’s retail outlets.

“Our retail business is highly reliant on IT – for orders, stock control, transport and logistics and warehousing. IT resilience is critical as unplanned downtime can quickly damage our business,” said Mike Gray, IT director at Poundland. “By putting in place proactive and preventative service measures, we can minimise business impact and ensure a stable platform for our ongoing growth.”

As a retail business, Poundland experiences peaks and slacks in IT demand and this means easy availability of on-demand resources is critical to its smooth business operations.

NextiraOne’s on-demand services will provide additional resources to supplement Poundland’s in-house IT team for peak times in their workload, thus streamlining the IT process.

The end-to-end managed services agreement will also enable Poundland’s IT team to concentrate on strategic IT tasks.

Poundland has used NextiraOne’s IT and communications services since 2004. The new multi-year managed services contract will help it ensure the continuity of critical IT systems and its Cisco-based network infrastructure, according to the service provider.

As part of the new managed services contract, NextiraOne will provide performance monitoring, optimisation and flexible additional on-demand services for trading peaks and unforeseen circumstances to Poundland.

Combining technical and operational support with performance monitoring and network optimisation, plus additional on-demand resources, will provide Poundland with a cost-effective and highly efficient IT service, said Mark Petty, NextiraOne’s managed services director.

“We designed the service to be flexible and scalable, so that as Poundland’s business grows and as new stores or sites are added, the company has sufficient data to understand the infrastructure investments requirements,” Petty said.

The managed services will also provide Poundland’s IT team with a single overview of its entire IT estate. This management information can enable the retailer’s IT team to make informed business decisions and take pre-emptive action before IT issues affect business operations, thus avoiding costly downtime and associated loss of productivity.

“We have worked with Poundland for many years and the additional support of our managed services portfolio is the next logical step in our partnership,” said Steven Skakel, managing director UK & Ireland at NextiraOne.

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