Android will be ‘top priority’ for Huawei

Huawei reaffirms its commitment to Android, but promises to remain a strategic partner with Microsoft, despite the Nokia acquisition

Android will remain the focus of Huawei as it looks to grow its smartphone business, but recent acquisitions have not made it shy away from Windows Phone.

Richard Ren, president of the device business in Western Europe for Huawei, spoke at an event at the company’s R&D centre in Stockholm about trying to grow the brand through, among other marketing tools, sponsorship of football teams and increased presence in sport.

But he admitted the firm was still a small fish in a big pond, and the best way to grow was by swimming with the biggest fish of all: Google.

“We are still a small player in this area, so first of all we will focus on the main trend, so Android will be the top priority for us,” said Ren.

Huawei also plans to retain its Microsoft focus, despite other manufacturers' fears around Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia and whether it is worth developing Windows Phone-based handsets now it has its own hardware division.

“Today we have to focus our business and focus on the mainstream area – that is our strategy – but at the same time we are developing [for] Windows Phone,” he said. “We will continue to develop because we are a strategic partner with Microsoft.”

Computer Weekly asked Ren if Huawei would consider purchasing BlackBerry to boost its reputation, but the president declined to comment. A spokeswoman later said the prospect had been raised during a meeting in London, but a board member ruled it out as an option.

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