Interns at tech giants paid more than you think

UK top technology interns can pocket close to £3,400 per month, according to figures on job ratings site Glassdoor

If you think interns are paid a pittance to make tea and do the jobs no one else wants to do, then think again. Top technology interns can pocket an average of £3,400 per month, according to job ratings site Glassdoor.

The site shows research interns at Microsoft earning an average of £3,400 per month, but the technology giant is not the only one to offer such salaries for internships.

Being an intern software engineer at Google could bag you an average of £2,500 per month.  

Talking to CNN Money, Scott Dobroski, corporate communications manager at Glassdoor, said: “Actually, it's not that surprising that interns at a company like Google are getting paid so handsomely. The war for tech talent continues to rage on.”

It’s not just competition amongst the tech giants that is rife, competitive intern salaries are also offered at several finance companies in the UK for technology based roles.

An analyst technology intern at DeutscheBank takes home an average of £2,600 per month and a summer technology analyst intern at JPMorgan Chase pockets an average of £2,600 per month.

In just one summer period, an IT analyst intern at Credit Suisse can earn an average of £36,400.

It’s a similar story in the US with interns at Google being paid an average of $5,800 monthly. Those taking specialised software engineer interns can make as much as $6,700 per month, according to Glassdoor’s website.

However, securing one of the top technology internships is not the easiest of job roles to go for. Google, for example, is known for being notoriously secretive about its difficult application process.

The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, has just been released about the application process and experiences of a Google intern. 

It has been reported that one prospective intern for Google was asked: "How many cows are there in Canada?"

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