Citrix adds mobile functionality to push into smartphones and tablets

Virtualisation firm Citrix hopes extra functionality and its own application store will encourage more customers to adopt its mobile solutions

Mobility has been touted as the key theme at this year’s Citrix Synergy, with the firm announcing a number of products and updates to push its offerings onto tablets and smartphones.

“I don’t have to spend a lot of time telling you how important this topic is,” said Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix. “We all know, we live it every day and I hear the same thing over and over from CIOs: I want to mobilise my business.”

The company embarked on a project last year, known as Avalon, to make its products suitable for the mobility and cloud. The first release from this comes in the shape of XenDesktop 7 – Citrix’s flagship desktop virtualisation tool – launched in the opening keynote at the event.

“XenDesktop 7 is app and desktop virtualisation re-imagined for simplicity and mobility,” said Templeton.

HDX mobile features include compression technology for more robust streaming over 3G networks and more native integration of mobile device gestures on touchscreens. Citrix also claimed that, by having everything in a single console, deployment is faster and simpler than previous versions.

Citrix also unveiled its mobile device management platform, XenMobile. Working across different devices, it enables users to access corporate applications securely over a smartphone or tablet and gives them the same functionality to view, edit and share files on screen, while the applications remain protected.

As part of XenMobile, Citrix launched its own enterprise application store – Work Apps – which serves secure mobile apps to companies who use them on the move. Launch partners include Box and Concur, but more than 80 have already signed up to provide their apps through the shop front.

“We all experience life as a consumer,” said Templeton. “We are here to learn how to deliver these experiences at work. It is not enough to just manage devices, to just manage apps, to just manage data. You have to bring it all together in a brilliant, consumer like experience.”

All the announcements are set to go on sale in June 2013.

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