BlackBerry Live 2013: Orr claims mid-range Q5 will attract UK corporations

BlackBerry’s Q5 handset will attract corporations rolling out large volumes of handsets, claims UK managing director Rob Orr

BlackBerry’s latest handset, the Q5 was launched this week at Blackberry Live in Orlando, Florida. According to UK managing director, Rob Orr, the device will be coming to the UK in July 2013.

Orr told Computer Weekly the Q5 device will attract corporations rolling out large volumes of handsets because of its cost point.

BlackBerry recently launched two new premium handsets, the touch-only Z10 and the Qwerty keyboard Q10.

“We’ve done an all-touch proposition, which is very important in today’s market place. But the Qwerty device, the Q10, is BlackBerry's heartland, people love the keyboard. We launched the Z10 in January and the most popular question I got was, 'When’s the one with the physical keyboard coming?' 

"In a market of sameness, we stand out and our keyboard is an example of our values, who we are what it means.

“I can say, with a very high degree of confidence, most of my big customers who are already testing Q10 and Z10, they will use a mix of all three products as part of their deployments. Clifford Chance and companies like that who have come out in support for Z10 and Q10, it’s realistic that those guys will take the Q5 for sure,” he said.

Orr also said that it is likely that government and similar organisations will also adopt the Q5. BlackBerry announced this week that the BlackBerry 10 platform, which launched in January, has now been approved by the Department of Defense in the US.

“Our platform has always been the most secure, the most reliable. It has been trusted to manage mobility endpoints and has been for over 12 years. We’re in 90% of the FTSE 500 companies, we’re used by all the local government, by central government, we’re in half of the police forces,” said Orr.

“And also consumers and high streets will bring it in. They can use BlackBerry Balance and ActiveSync and can connect that into the BES 10 environment.

“Consumer behaviour is driving enterprise strategy and will continue to drive that for the future. When we built the platform we put in a world-class browser, we started building an app catalogue which frankly is second to none for a platform of this maturity in the market.”

BlackBerry announced during its keynote that BlackBerry World now had 120,00 apps. Skype is the latest addition and it will be available across all devices when the BlackBerry 10.1 update rolls out this week.

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