O2 customers to get London Underground Wi-Fi

O2 has joined EE and Vodafone in leasing Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi deployment on London’s Tube network

O2 has announced a deal with Virgin Media to enable its mobile customers to surf the web on the London Underground.

Virgin has been building up its Wi-Fi network on the platforms of tube stations across the capital over the past year, covering 120 stations by the end of March 2013.

The service was initially free, but from the end of January 2013, users were expected to pay £2 per day, £5 per week or £15 per month if they wanted to get on the internet in one of the connected stations.

Virgin customers continued to get the service at no cost, however, and it signed deals with Vodafone and EE to allow the mobile operators to use the network and offer the Wi-Fi to their users at no charge.

Now O2 has got in on the act, and from June, anyone signed up to O2’s own Wi-Fi service will be able to use it on the Underground. Also, pay monthly customers will get the service and be able to use the operator’s TU Go app, which enables texts and voice calls over data networks.

“We’re excited to bring free Underground Wi-Fi to O2 customers this summer,” said Gary Booker, head of the consumer division at O2.

“Our customers want to stay connected wherever they are and will soon be able to check their email, update their Facebook status, shop online, book their next holiday and stay connected to their friends and family right across tube stations in central London.”

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