Scotland could get internet independence

London Internet Exchange (LINX) considering an internet hub in Scotland to reduce the reliance on London and Manchester hubs

The London Internet Exchange (Linx) is considering setting up an internet hub in Scotland to increase the speed of the internet to businesses and reduce the risk of an over-reliance on hubs in London and Manchester.

According to an article in the Scotsman, Linx is due to meet internet service providers (ISPs) in Scotland to discuss a possible internet hub.

The event will take place at the Edinburgh Conference Centre at Herriot Watt University on 27 March.

Linx said the event will gauge interest in establishing a hub or hubs in Scotland. “Linx launched its first regional peering point in Manchester and is planning to establish more in a number of other regions where there is significant internet traffic,” said the company.

This would make Scotland more attractive to big business due to increased internet speeds and make the UK less susceptible to terrorist attacks or natural disasters threatening internet connectivity. In May last year, Linx was hit by a large scale outage and because it provides the majority of UK ISPs with a peering platform for their connections the outage hit both the companies and their customers.

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