Government launches online property finder service

The government has launched a property finder website as part of its move to save £1.8bn in property rationalisation

The government has launched a property finder website as part of its move to save £1.8bn in property rationalisation.

The "Find me some government space" application took eight weeks to build at a cost of £50,000. It is expected to speed up the process of renting or selling the government's unused property.

Users will be able to access the site via to search for government-owned property and land to purchase or rent, using either a postcode or area keyword. The government currently has more than 300 properties available to rent and around 900 to buy across Great Britain.

The Cabinet Office worked with small IT company CDS to develop the app. 

Fergus Bailee, chief executive of CDS, said the company worked closely with the Government Digital Service to develop the user interface.  “It was exciting to take internally facing data and make it public,” he said.

Later this year, an education property finder layer will be added to the tool. This will enable organisations looking to start a school to search the government property portfolio.

Chloe Smith, minister for political and constitutional reform, said: “We’re making the civil service more efficient and cutting waste. As a result we will have a number of properties both owned and rented that we need to do more with. 

“Not only will this website help to save government money, but we will see new opportunities, jobs and growth in local economies as new life is brought into empty, unused properties," she said.

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