(ISC)² information security scholarships available

(ISC)² is inviting applications for scholarships worth a total of more than £90,000 to promote information security studies

(ISC)² is inviting applications for scholarships worth a total exceeding £90,000 to promote information security studies for women, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

The scholarship scheme, run by the (ISC)² Foundation, is aimed at helping to address the growing demand for skilled cyber security professionals worldwide.

Between 1 January and 31 March 2013, aspirant cyber security professionals can submit applications in five categories, including scholarships for undergraduates and women.

According to the 2011 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study, conducted by industry analyst firm Frost and Sullivan, demand for information security professionals will double by 2015.

Further (ISC)2 career research conducted earlier this year shows employers currently struggle to find the people they need, with nearly half taking three to six months or more to fill positions, and only 7.4% filling their positions in under a month.

The 2013 scholarship categories

Women’s Scholarships: To inspire women to join the field of information security, each year, the (ISC)² Foundation grants up to two scholarships, with a total value of around £25,000.

Undergraduate Scholarships: Grants for undergraduate students studying information security, of around £3,000 per recipient.

Graduate Research Project(s): Seed funding of up to eight grants will be given, of around £1,800 per recipient.

Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship: Established to provide aspiring young information security professionals the means to follow the pathway to industry excellence.

Faculty Certification Exam Vouchers: To encourage more academic participation in the profession and the certification process, (ISC)² will provide vouchers valid for one CISSP or CSSLP exam and, upon certification, the first year of membership dues.

The (ISC)² Foundation evaluates applicants based on academic excellence, passion for the industry and financial need.

Patrick Katamba, 2012 recipient of the (ISC)2 Foundation undergraduate scholarship and studying at the London Metropolitan University, is one of two recent recipients studying in the UK.

“This scholarship will greatly help me in dealing with all the financial constraints I will encounter in achieving my goal of becoming a certified information security professional,” he said.

Julie Peeler, director of the (ISC)² Foundation, said: “These scholarships demonstrate our investment and commitment to filling the pipeline of qualified information security professionals.

Demand for information security professionals will double by 2015

“As cyber threats continue to evolve with broader implications worldwide, it is critical that we cultivate a workforce capable of mitigating these risks for the long term. 

"These scholarships are aimed at encouraging not only entry into the workforce, but more academic participation within this industry to help fulfill this growing need,” she said.                   



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