moves to cloud and cuts hosting costs by 90%

Job site has cut hosting costs by 90% by moving to cloud infrastructure

Job site has cut hosting costs by 90% by moving to cloud infrastructure. is saving £112,000 a year by moving onto hosting provided by ElasticHosts. uses the cloud infrastructure company across its Windows and Linux-run applications and to run 10 servers totaling almost 20GHz CPU and 20GB RAM

The online recruitment agency said it wanted to break away from the contract lock-in of up to 18 months and move to a monthly pay-as-you-go model.

Geoff Newman, CEO at, said it had saved on capital expenditure, as it no longer had to buy hardware every time it scales up.

“The business has grown a lot and a big reason is the scalability cloud has offered us," said Newman.

"Previously, when we launched a new service, we would have to predict how many unique users would use that application and make upfront investments in infrastructure.

"In addition, we are able to create and launch services without initial expense.”

It inherited a clunky IT estate after having acquired 12 small companies over the last two years. 

“Every week we were shutting down contracts with incumbent providers and bringing them onto the cloud," said Newman.

The site also recruits on behalf of the Royal Household, which provides services to the Queen. It needed the flexibility to provide single-tenanted hosting for security reasons.

However, Newman said not all cloud services are mature enough to fully roll-out and the company’s IT estate still uses a lot of virtual machines.

Newman said getting developers onto infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can be expensive due to a lack of skills in this area. On average it costs £850 per day to use an IaaS developer, as opposed to the rate of £250 for those working on virtual machines.

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