Facebook on the hunt for London-based engineering team

Facebook announces 22 job openings on its London-based team, which will focus mostly on mobile and platform

Facebook is on the hunt for 22 new recruits to make up its new London-based engineering team. 

Based in Covent Garden, the Facebook team is to focus on key areas such as mobile and platform.

The team will be led by software engineer Philip Su and has so far advertised for 22 jobs including positions in sales, monetisation, developer relations, software engineering, datacentre design and operations, platform product marketing, recruitment and growth, engagement and mobile.

Philip Su, who recently relocated to London, made the job hunt announcement via a note on Facebook’s engineering page. 

Explaining why Facebook had chosen London as its first engineering centre outside the US Su said: “London is a perfect fit for Facebook engineering — it’s a global hub, and it has a vibrant local startup community with lots of great technical talent. 

"Our team in London will start small, focusing on building a core of great engineers, and then grow over time and eventually focus on building products in key areas like mobile and platform."

"We are a culture of builders, and the environment we plan to create in London will reflect that. Despite the size of our service — 900 million users and growing — we still push new code to the site every day. 

"We eliminate unnecessary process and give all our engineers the opportunity to work on the things that matter most. 

"Our engineers in London — like those in Menlo Park, New York, and Seattle — will be able to pursue great ideas and ship products quickly.”

The social networking giant’s international expansion comes at a time when its member growth in the US has slowed to 0.86% compared to nearly 66% for Japan, 54% for Brazil and 20% for India, according to a report from site monitor Pingdom.

Facebook’s London Team, which "builds awesome stuff fast" according to their Facebook page, receive perks such as paid leave for new parents, free meals and snack and gym membership.

Facebook is set to present its first results as a public company this week.

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