Foursquare teams up with American Express to offer UK deals

Social networking firm Foursquare teams up with American Express to offer its credit card holders location-based deals in shops and restaurants

Foursquare is partnering with American Express in the UK to offer its credit card holders location-based deals in shops and restaurants.

Whenever users "check in" to the location-based social network at a retailer where a deal is on offer, they will be able to add the deal to their American Express card.

At the point of sale, the deal will be picked up automatically and users will receive a notification through the Foursquare app that the deal has been activated.

Retailers that have signed up so far to offer deals to American Express card holders in the UK through Foursquare check-ins include House of Fraser, Strada, Tesco and Pizza Express.

Dennis Crowley, chief executive of Foursquare, told The Telegraph that the UK move follows a partnership with American Express in the US, where deals are becoming the main reason to use Foursquare. 

"I think these sorts of deals paired with this sort of functionality shows another side of Foursquare to UK users," Crowley said.

American Express said customer data would not be at risk because, when a card holder synchronises their card with Foursquare, all card information is stored in American Express' encrypted data servers. American Express said it would not share this data with Foursquare.

Foursquare sees location-based deals as key to its growth in the UK. The company hopes the initiative will help make the service as popular as it is in the US.

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