Google gives IT teachers cash injection through Teach First charity

Eric Schmidt has announced the search giant will provide funds to IT teachers, through a partnership with Teach First

Google’s CEO has pledged to provide cash for IT teachers in the UK, after the search giant announced it has teamed up with charity Teach First.

Announced at an event at the London Science Museum last night, Eric Schmidt said Britain risked “losing a generation” of scientists if investment was not made.

Google is set to provide funds for teaching aids, such as the single board computers Raspberry Pi’s and open source electronic prototyping platforms – Arduino.  

The company is providing funds to Teach First, which sends selected graduates on six weeks training courses, before being deployed to schools for teaching assignments over a two year period.

The cash injection from Google will mean 100 additional science teachers can go through the programme.

The BBC reported that Schmidt said: "Put simply, technology breakthroughs can't happen without the scientists and engineers to make them. The challenge that society faces is to equip enough people, with the right skills and mindset, and to get them to work on the most important problems.

It's vital to expose kids to this early if they're to have the chance of a career in computing. While not every child is going to become a programmer, those with aptitude shouldn't be denied the chance.”

The programme between Google and Teach First is expected to run for three years.

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