Government lab installs 8.5 PB of Panasas HPC storage

Storage roundup: Government lab installs 8.5 PB of Panasas HPC storage; college cuts files by 75% with Balesio; StorMagic E.ON storage virtualisation win; and more news.

Government lab installs 8.5 PB of Panasas HPC storage

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), one of the UK’s principal government labs, has introduced a new high-performance computing (HPC) facility, featuring Panasas ActiveStor 11. The advanced HPC storage system will further RAL’s global climate research capabilities as it satisfies the lab’s substantial scalability, performance and cost requirements.

The massive storage deployment introduces a new shared-resource approach to research for the participating organizations. Almost 8.5 PB of ActiveStor 11 storage is deployed across three National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) research sites: 6.6 PB at RAL; 720 TB at the University of Reading; 180 TB at the University of Leeds; and 900 TB at a fourth site, the International Space and Innovation Centre (ISIC). The integrated NCAS and ISIC systems represent one of the largest HPC storage deployments in Britain.

Professor Bryan Lawrence, professor of weather and climate computing at the University of Reading, said, “The Panasas parallel file system remains resilient even at scale, and the direct and parallel access to the storage pool means that we can work on our most complex simulations, unaffected by the system bottlenecks of our previous equipment.”

College cuts files by 75% with Balesio

Devon-based Tavistock College has reduced the footprint of its Microsoft Office files stored on expensive primary storage by an average of 75% using Balesio Fileminimizer Server software. The college selected Balesio’s Native Format Optimization (NFO) solution Fileminimizer Server to tackle the growing amount of unstructured data that students and teachers at Tavistock College create and store on the school’s file servers. The college’s network manager, Umberto Bergonzini, said, “Thanks to Balesio’s Fileminimizer Server, we were able to reclaim on average 75% of our storage space, which was previously wasted by bloated files. We improved our storage utilisation by a factor of four.”

StorMagic E.ON storage virtualisation win

Storage virtualisation product vendor StorMagic has announced that Germany-based E.ON Climate & Renewables GmbH is to implement the SvSAN storage virtualisation appliance in more than 100 remote locations worldwide. For E.ON, the SvSAN product will enable high availability (HA) for energy production applications and the control of local equipment in very remote renewable-energy facilities. StorMagic partner Stainczyk & Partner GmbH developed and implemented the proof of concept and is supporting the ongoing rollout.

New Amplidata object storage module

Object storage vendor Amplidata has announced the availability of the AS30 storage module for the AmpliStor XT Storage System. The product has 30 TB of capacity in a modular 1U form factor. The AS30 provides 50% more storage capacity than Amplidata’s previous generation of appliance. An AmpliStor system utilising the AS30 can deploy 1.2 PB of storage capacity in a standard data centre rack and can span multiple racks for multipetabyte deployments.

Texas Memory Systems teams with DataCore

Texas Memory Systems has announced the launch of a line of bundled solutions featuring its RamSan solid-state drive appliances with DataCore Software’s SANsymphony-V storage virtualisation products. Carlos M Carreras, vice president of alliances and business development with DataCore Software, said, "The TMS RamSan/SANsymphony-V bundled offerings can easily be configured to turn new or existing servers and local storage into high-performance storage arrays optimised for virtual infrastructures."

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