Economic conditions suppress European tablet sales

Difficult economic conditions in Europe have suppressed demand for tablet computers

Difficult economic conditions in Europe have suppressed demand for tablet computers.

Shipments in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) was 4.7 million in Q1, according to analyst Canalys.

"The challenging economic conditions in Europe are affecting the market" said Canalys Analyst, Tim Coulling.

"The austerity measures taken by governments to address public debt are resulting in low economic growth rates, limited job creation and pressure on disposable income at a time when households are also dealing with rising living costs."

Globally, Apple's share of the tablet market fell 16% in Q1 2012 to 58% compared to last year.

Apple remained the dominant provider of tablet computers, but Amazon took second place with a 10% share, according to Canalys, although all its shipments were in North America.

"There are more than 750 million people in Europe. The population is twice the size of the US, but there are only half as many pads shipped," Coulling said.

Lack of content may be limiting demand for tablet devices across Europe, Coulling added: "Content availability is a key driver for pads. US users can choose from many content aggregation services, such as those offered by Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity, Apple, Google and Amazon. 

"Having to negotiate digital rights across multiple countries, combined with the variety of languages and cultures, makes it complicated and more costly to deliver similar services consistently across Europe.”

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