From the Editors: Sure start for MDM, big data projects

Several organisations, including the BBC, are embarking on journeys with product MDM, big data and data visualisation software to save money and increase efficiency.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But for BBC Worldwide deciding on what that first step would be in its product master data management journey was a task of Taoist proportions. Moreover, once the programme team had decided that by “product” the commercial wing of the Beeb should mean any discrete entity they sell or licence, the evangelising could begin.

Jacob du Toit, enterprise architect at the organisation, advises others embarking on an MDM journey not to speak of “an MDM journey.” Indeed “avoid all techie talk” he says, in an interview reflecting the presentation he will give at IRM UK’s MDM summit in April.

Are mainstream organisations taking initial steps into the “big data” world associated with dotcom companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter? It would seem so. Pharmaceutical, energy and telecoms companies are doing big data, and even insurance companies are getting in on the act, according to the users, supplier and analysts SearchDataManagementUK has spoken to.

Also in the real world, we find two English councils who have turned to data visualisation software to make savings and gain efficiencies against a background of increasing economic austerity: Islington and Chesterfield. Both went looking for more responsive and user friendly BI dashboards: cockpits for planes going through turbulence on their journeys.

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