Demand for NHS IT contractors doubled in Q1, says recruiter

Recruitment firm max20 claims the number of NHS IT placements doubled in the first quarter, compared with last year

NHS information management and technology recruiter max20 said the number of IT job placements in the first quarter of 2012 was double that of the same period last year.

According to the recruitment firm, almost 100 IT contractors have been placed within hospital trusts and other NHS health organisations in England and Wales.

Due to the increase in IT placements, max20 has had to recruit two new members of staff to its own operation to cope with the new assignments. 

Don Tomlinson, managing director of max20, said previously the NHS wanted information management and technology contractors who already have work experience within the health service, but this has changed.

“Opportunities for talented professionals are certainly there. In fact, we have just been tasked with finding a business development manager from the commercial sector to support the growth in demand from one of our health informatics services," he said. “NHS trusts are being tasked with creating more effective and efficient work practices."

Tomlinson highlighted that UK professionals to fill business intelligence and analytical roles are still few and far between.  

The UK recently ranked 10th in The Global Information Technology Report 2012 – Living in a Hyperconnected World. The report covered 142 economies worldwide to explore the causes and consequences of living in an environment where the internet is accessible and machines are interconnected, so businesses can communicate instantly. This year’s report tracked how different societies use IT to gain competitive advantage and increase social wellbeing.

Sweden ranked highest, followed by Singapore and Finland. The US was in 8th position. China was the leader in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), but lagged behind the rest in 51st position.

The monthly IT Monitor report from Computer People, part of the Adecco group, in February found that across all sectors there were 13,024 permanent IT vacancies in the UK – up by 0.16% on last month. Contract IT vacancies stood at 5,711 – a rise of 0.42% on January.

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