Schools in Northern Ireland get their own education cloud

IT service providers are to provide more than 1,000 schools in Northern Ireland wth their own education cloud

IT service providers have been appointed to deliver more than 1,000 schools in Northern Ireland with their own education cloud.

Northgate Managed Services has been awarded a £170m contract to provide the Education Cloud for Northern Ireland. It will also provide services related to the cloud, such as the wide area network, local area network and telecoms, through subcontractor Eircom.

The five-year agreement will see Northgate design, implement, manage and support the dedicated cloud environment for education. It will enable secure access to resources online 24 hours a day from a wide range of devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops. Eircom will deliver superfast connectivity to the cloud, with up to 200MB of bandwidth.

"[The cloud] will deliver technology-driven learning environments and incorporate the latest innovations in technology,” said Jimmy Stewart, director at the organisation that supports Northern Ireland schools' IT infrastructures, C2k.  

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