Kent fire brigade cuts data duplication in records with CRM technology

Kent Fire and Rescue Services (KFRS) has signed a deal for a risk management system to cut data duplication in records

Kent Fire and Rescue Services (KFRS) has signed a deal for a risk-management system to cut data duplication from its records.

The system is based on Microsoft's Dynamics CRM platform and has been customised by Optevia. The CRM technology will replace two legacy systems and share information regarding its 38,000 premises records. It will improve workflow, the collection of key on-premise data during inspections and data routing, said KFRS.

Previously, KFRS had two streams of data, resulting in an incomplete picture of each premise the fire services dealt with, said Jon Chapman community safety development manager at KFRS. 

“Our teams spent too much time chasing vital information around the organisation. Now they can update the same system with jointly useful information, which gets to the teams on the ground instantly,” Chapman said. 

He said the system will give operational crews more information when attending fire emergencies. “There will be significant administration and efficiency savings, as you can just enter information straight into a web-based form and moves duplications. So if there is information of direct importance to crews fighting fire, we can make it available at the important time of decision-making,” said Chapman.

The full risk-management system will go live in April 2012.

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