Gartner ITxpo Barcelona: Autonomy's Mike Lynch demos intelligent augmented reality

Speaking at the Gartner ITxpo in Barcelona, Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, demonstrated the future of interactive information.

Speaking at a packed session titled "The biggest transition in the history of IT" at the Gartner ITxpo in Barcelona, Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, demonstrated the future of interactive information.

"Everybody is talking about big data; it is big, but is it clever? In the late 1960s people spoke to each other - human information - and computers were limited. Everything had to be defined in advance, leading to the development of the database, where you had to predefine a problem," he said.

In the demo of combining augmented reality with computer vision, Lynch had an assistant bring up a poster of the Mona Lisa and film posts of Harry Potter and Despicable Me. He showed how Autonomy's technology running on an iPad could capture an image of the posters, "understand their content", and add some interactivity.

"Rich media will become commonplace. It is not only about text. Communication by video is just as important as communicating by text," he said.

Lynch said it is no longer feasible to move information into a database: "You need to translate information in real time."

The demo showed the Mona Lisa moving her lips on an iPad screen, while animation was augmented to the images of the Harry Potter and Despicable Me posters to create interactive objects.


See demo of augmented reality on Despicable Me:


"In traditional IT, without a lot of scripting you cannot do much. But 85% of information in a company is in a human-friendly form. We have to move to a world away from true and false, boolean ones and zeros, to a probabilistic model," he said.

Lynch discussed the need to apply probabilistic matching of human information in real time, to help people understand better. Such technology could be used in an interactive instruction manual, such as linking the printed instructions for an Ikea table with an interactive video showing how to assemble the table, he said.

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