Sydney-based contact centre deploys unified comms

Gizmo, a Sydney-based provider of tech support for home users, has completely migrated its contact centre to a new unified comms system.

Gizmo, a Sydney-based provider of tech support for home users, has completely migrated its contact centre to a new unified comms system.

The contact centre supports 30 full-time employees and handles all incoming customer requests.

As such, it’s a vital component of the business, one that simply can’t go down.

The company’s CTO, Troy Cox, explains: “Every piece of work we carry out starts with a support call to our contact centre, so downtime is incredibly damaging for our business.”

Cox says that equipped with the new Mitel IP contact centre solution, Gizmo has been able to grow quickly and improve teamwork between contact centre staff and technicians out in the field.

The system was designed and implemented by Essential Data and Voice, a partner of both Mitel and Microsoft. Installation began in 2006 and a major expansion was completed in September 2008.

Specifically, the rollout involves two 3300 ICP platforms in a fault tolerant configuration. One of the units is located at Gizmo’s head office, while the other resides in an offsite collocation data centre.

Contact centre functionality is delivered via Mitel software. A call recording solution and screen capture solution have been integrated by CVT Global, and is used as a training tool for the contact centre.

Email messaging and ActiveDirectory are supplied by Microsoft Office Communicator and Mitel Live Business Gateway. Field service technicians use Windows Mobile devices with Office Communicator Mobile, to access instant messaging and presence information, even when travelling.

Customer calls are handled with a two-step process. An initial prequalification stage is handled by a dedicated telephone team, and is used to broadly diagnose the type of problem faced by the caller before the call is handed across to a technical specialist. In the event the problem cannot be resolved via phone-based support, Gizmo is quickly able to schedule a home visit by one of their field service technicians.

A problem for Gizmo was the handling of surges of incoming calls. Demand typically surges by 200% on Monday mornings, and by 150% on Friday afternoons.

Queue handling helps alleviate the burden of such surges. The contact centre manager is now able to dynamically adjust queue settings, and route calls to reduce customer delays. In addition, when Gizmo’s field services technicians are not scheduled for client appointments, they are linked into the contact centre solution using teleworking technology. This allows Gizmo to better distribute incoming support requests in periods of peak demand, as well as improve customer service delivery and staff productivity for field service employees.

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