Take part in CW survey on long hours, salaries and skills of IT professionals

A survey aims to shed light on the impact of the long hours culture on UK IT professionals. It will also allow IT employees to compare their salaries with peers and identify the IT skills most in demand.

A survey aims to shed light on the impact of the long hours culture on UK IT professionals.

The survey - conducted by Computer Weekly and recruitment firm Mortimer Spinks - will research the typical hours IT professionals work across different sectors of the economy.

The working hours survey aims to give IT professionals the opportunity to assess how effectively they are managing a work/life balance.

The research will be carried out annually. It will allow IT professionals to compare their salaries with peers, and identify the IT skills most in demand.

While IT contractors work fixed hours governed by time sheets, some permanent IT staff are expected to work hours governed by project deadlines and system downtime.

"The more project-based a company is, the more likely IT professionals are going to have to work long hours. Project base agencies, such as advertisting, search engine optimisation, and start ups, create pressure to work long hours," said Harry Gooding, head of client engagement at Mortimer Spinks.

"I think perhaps in IT people are prepare to work long hours because IT is their passion and their hobby," Harry Gooding said. "There are a couple of very big digital ad agencies where they are flat out on 14-15 hour days on a regular basis."

Take part in the survey

Computer Weekly and Mortimer Spinks are delighted to invite you to take part in our annual Technology Careers Survey.

By taking part you will be first to gain access to the results, including detailed industry analysis and salary benchmarking information relevant to your own sector and job function.

Click here to take part in the survey.

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