Better management from IBM Systems Director

IBM has launched what it calls the industry’s first systems management portfolio.

IBM has launched what it calls the industry’s first systems management portfolio allowing companies to discover, monitor and manage diverse virtual and physical computing resources from a common portal, including IBM and non-IBM systems and software.

The IBM Systems Director aims to allow customers to better manage all of their virtual and physical resources in a datacentre, working with Tivoli offerings to provide complete cross-enterprise service management. IBM claims that its new IBM Virtualisation Manager software will significantly reduce the number of management tools needed to support multiple types of servers.

The Virtualisation Manager dashboard operates in a Web-based user interface and allows businesses to manage technology resources like they would a financial portfolio. It aims to move computing workloads to key areas of the datacentre that will drive productivity, identify problems in the infrastructure, grow existing workloads and add or delete computing resources.

IBM regards its new products as the first technology of its type to work across multiple major virtualisation platforms, including initial support for VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Xen and POWER-based virtualisation offerings. Clients can also leverage the capabilities of VMware’s VirtualCenter by integrating it into IBM Director to provide a single point of management.

”The cost of administering increasingly complex systems is growing faster than the cost of new hardware, making system management the next frontier of virtualisation,” says Rich Lechner, vice-president, virtualisation at IBM. “As customers deploy more virtualisation and partitioning technology from multiple vendors, it's creating a need for more simplified management of these diverse virtualised infrastructures.”

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