Sun sets out virtualisation strategy

Sun has announced its three-pronged virtualisation strategy.

Harnessing commodity technologies, delivering its own products and technologies, and leveraging global expertise in providing systems and software will be the key elements of Sun Microsystems’ three-pronged virtualisation strategy.

Sun has placed its Solaris 10 operating system at the cornerstone of its virtualisation strategy.

"Virtualisation is a layer of lubrication that unifies previously siloed areas of computing," said John Fowler, Sun's executive vice-president, Systems Group.

"As server sprawl accelerates and power and cooling costs grow, we see an opportunity to apply our years of expertise in network computing/virtualisation to help customers solve these challenges."

As a complement to existing virtualisation products and services, Sun has announced six new products. First is LDoms, a virtualisation technology for Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers with CoolThreads technology, which lets customers run multiple operating systems simultaneously with Solaris Containers.

Sun will also deliver fully supported Xen functionality in an update to the Solaris 10 OS in 2007. Next up is the Galaxy Sun Fire X4000 server line powered by next-generation AMD Opteron processors and Solaris 10.

The company is also launching solution customer workshops; lifecycle services for virtualisation to help architect, implement and manage a customer's virtualisation solution investment; and extended VMware support for VMware ESX 3.0.1 on the Sun Fire X4600 server and Sun Blade modular systems.

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