IPv6 library

Support for IPv6 is increasing. In this IPv6 library, we explain much of what you need to know about the protocol.

IPv6 strategy

  • We're running out of addresses!
    The main reason for using IPv6 is depletion of IP addresses under IPv4.
  • Don't wait for IPv6 - it'll cost you.
    Chip Popoviciu explains that companies waiting before upgrading to IPv6 will actually pay more for it.
  • CIOs must plan IPv6 move now
    The CEO of ICANN, Dr Paul Twomey, has urged CIOs to start planning migration to IPv6 sooner rather than later.
  • IPv6 and VoIP
    IPv6 is an important element of enterprise-scale VoIP

IPv6 Tips

  • IPv6 renumbering
    Renumbering IPv4 networks has always been a difficult job for network administrators. With IPv6 it becomes easier.
  • IPv6 how-to's
    Explains static routes, ping, tunnels and RIPng in IPv6
  • Disabling IPv6 in Windows Vista
    Vista runs IPv6 and IPv4, but it may be a good idea to disable the new protocol.
  • IPv6 in Vista and your network
    Older routers can have problems with Vista's IPv6 stack

IPv6 security

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