Top five VoIP threats revealed

VIPER lab has revealed the top five VoIP security threats of 2007.

Sipera Systems' VIPER Lab listed its top five VoIP vulnerabilities of 2007, which ranged from toll fraud to remote eavesdropping.

"By highlighting the top five vulnerabilities, issuing VIPER Lab Threat Advisories, and providing the Sipera IPCS product line, Sipera is helping enterprises and service providers secure their VoIP systems," said a statement by Krishna Kurapati, Sipera founder and CTO.

The other three security holes highlighted were the Skype worm, which utilised that software's chat function; Vishing, in which malicious users spoof their phone number to gain sensitive information; and VoIP hopping, which can give hackers access to VLANs by making a PC mimic a VoIP phone.

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