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Two weeks ago, a reader asked:

I would very much like to hear from other tool users and read an appraisal of current monitoring/management tools. I have used what was Patrol, Ecotools/Server Vantage and Oracle's Enterprise Manager whilst another internal area uses HP Openview. None of these seem to be quite the tool.

Any input from others would assist with decision making as to a path or paths to take.

Russell Gairns, a Systems Administrator at D'Orsogna Ltd, replied:

You could try OSSIM, ( ) an open source IDS and network monitoring system based on Debian Etch and custom a bunch of self developed tools. Ok, so maybe you need to do a bit of work setting it up ( doing the configs for the apps) and it does run under Linux (fine by me, not sure about the point and click brigade) but a bit of work and tinkering can lead to a system that is highly customisable to your needs. There is also a Vmware version that has a base setup and works pretty much well out of the box. I've been playing with it for about a month now and am getting some pretty good results.

Thanks for that Russel!

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