A Series of Tubes Episode 71: Is the Net really greener?

This week's episode of our networking podcast asks if electronic communications are really greening the world by removing the need for carboniferous flights?

This week's edition of A Series of Tubes is brought to you by Nortel Networks.

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Is the Internet greener? For as long as the Internet has been around, it's been touted as the replacement for "dead trees" publishing - and more recently, as green concerns really take off, it's also put forward as the replacement for carbon-wasting road- and air-travel.

The problem is users. As Tubes found out talking to Ryerson University's Dr Catherine Middleton, the ordinary user isn't yet giving up travel in favour of videoconferencing.

In this week's sponsor interview, Tubes talks to Adam Kleemeyer about virtualisation, with the launch of Nortel's new VSS 5000.

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