Virtual Private Label Switched networks

In this week's edition of our networking podcast, Richard Chirgwin talks to Nextgen Networks and learns why it has built a national Virtual Private Label Switched network, instead of going IP.

Our guest this week on A Series of Tubes is Dr James Kershaw, product manager at junior telco Nextgen Networks.

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Nextgen is marching to a slightly different drum in its enterprise services: while most carriers have focussed on rolling out all-IP national networks, Nextgen has built a national VPLS (Virtual Private Label Switched) network. 

In this interview, Dr Kershaw talks about the reasons behind Nextgen's choice of technology, and why the carrier believes a transparent end-to-end Ethernet LAN makes life easier for its customers.

Also on the show this week, we're joined by Neville James, channels and marketing manager at our sponsor, Nortel Australia-New Zealand. He's talking about Nortel's green computing initiatives.

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