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Welcome to “Ports”, our new, regular, trawl of the Net for stories that interest and amuse from the world of networking.

Get the skinny

One of the oddest networking blogs we’ve seen in ages is the Bowulf Network Admin Blog, which chronicles a network administrator’s weight loss achievements on the Atkins diet. Posts about dieting are interspersed with pieces on rather more technical topics, like this one on VMware and IBM xSeries 3850 M2 Support Tickets.

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Get the certification

If weight loss is not your thing, but studying hard is, check out CCIEPursuit, where you’ll find study tips galore and some lovely technical content to get you your desired certification.

If Linux is the skill you’d working towards, ThatLinuxGuy could be a useful destination, as it looks at network administration in the open source OS.

Or perhaps HP ProCurve is more your cup of tea, in which case let us recommend the company’s tip-laden blog to you.

Goodbye Ethernet?

Away from the blogs, the piece of networking news that caught our eye this week is a prediction that Ethernet will not inherit the earth’s networks. A researcher called Freesky says that the looming 40Gbps and 100Gbps versions of Ethernet won’t kill off Fibre Channel, Infiniband and even SONET.

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