Department of Defence seeks 20 "Supermicro Servers"

Australia's Defence Department wants to buy 20 very small, very powerful servers.  

Australia's Defence Department has issued a tender for 20 of what it calls  "Supermicro Superservers."

The tender does not offer any explanation for why the servers are needed, but does say it has already tested its desired configuration, namely:

  1. "Use of Intel Nehalem X5550 CPU’s (or higher equivalent Intel CPU).
  2. Density of 8 physical CPU’s per two standard rack units.
  3. Dual redundant power supplies.
  4. Minimum three SATA 3.5” hard disk drive capability per 2 CPU’s.
  5. 12GB DDR3 memory per 2 CPU’s.
  6. Installed 3.5” Enterprise Class 500GB hard disk per 2 CPU’s.
  7. Remote Management Interface (IPMI) using ethernet interface.
  8. Maximum height of any one component of two standard rack units."

The department hopes to receive the servers at a South Australian address four weeks after making its choice, but the purpose for the servers is not known or, indeed, mentioned in the unusually brief tender.

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