e-Crimes India conference 2011 to be held in November

The annual e-Crimes Inda conference is slated to be held in the second week of November this year. Hurry up and register for this event now!

e-Crimes India conference is built around the needs of key stakeholders responsible for managing information security assets and technology risks. e-Crimes 2011 will be held on the 9th of November 2011 and will focus on issues around protecting sensitive data, securing technology and ensuring compliance with multiple regulatory requirements.

The conference intends to provide unique perspectives on how organizations can take advantage of opportunities to increase productivity while decreasing cost and maintaining the security, integrity of IT assets.

The key themes on the e-Crimes 2011 agenda will be:

Ensuring systems and digital assets remain protected in a changing business and technological environment

  • Streamlining information security and risk management systems with governance and compliance requirements
  • Defending the enterprise network and protecting sensitive data from both internal and external threats
  • Protecting against fraud in the business, online and mobile environment

To register for this event please contact Sarfraz Patel at [email protected],
Mobile: +919833487628.


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