Snapdragon fires up smarter mobile computing devices

Faster processing, significant battery life improvements and enhanced user experience promised with new chipset

Faster processing, significant battery life improvements and an enhanced user experience for mobile business professionals are among the benefits being claimed for products based on the new QSD8650A Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm.

Scheduled for sampling before the end of 2009, Snapdragon uses 45 nanometer (nm) process technologies and is claimed to offer significant performance improvements including a 1.3 GHz processor for 30% higher performance as well as enhanced multimedia and 2D/3D graphics. Such attributes will likley be keenly felt by mobile business professionals using smart phones and low end portable PCs.

Utilising 45nm technology, says Qualcomm, also allows power consumption improvements such as up to 30% power dynamic power than previous-generation Snapdragon products and an unmatched standby power of less than 10 millwatts.

In addition to a faster processor and faster bus speed, the new chipset also offers multi-mode 3G mobile broadband connectivity broadband connectivity in the same 15x15mm package as current Snapdragon chipsets.

A standalone 2D graphics accelerator and enhanced 3D graphics core are attributed with delivering a powerful multimedia experience with better performance of Adobe Flash software. It also features integrated and high-definition video recording and playback, the latest and support for mobile video technologies.

“This latest addition to the growing family of Snapdragon chipsets will help our customers to develop faster, more power-efficient smartphones and smartbooks,” said Luis Pineda, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “

More than 15 manufacturers are now developing Snapdragon-based products, the first of which was the Toshiba TG01 Smartphone, introduced in February 2009.

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