Cardiff County Council gets LogRhythm to beat the GCSx blues

Cardiff County Council will use computer log management and analysis software...

Cardiff County Council will use computer log management and analysis software to track how itscompliancewith access standards for the new Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx) data sharing network.

The system, from LogRhythm, will also help Cardiff meet the payment card industry's data security standard, PCI DSS.

Andrew Horner-Seddon, principal IT security consultant at the county council, said, "We evaluated offerings from three suppliers before selecting LogRhythm. We plan to configure LogRhythm to flag specific instances on the network that need addressing, for example, irregularities on the council's firewall and virtual private network (VPN) so that they can be investigated at once.

"LogRhythm will also put us in a better position to accurately assess how much information is flowing through the council as a whole to ensure that the infrastructure is operating effectively."

Local authorities in England and Wales are under pressure to join GCSx, a non-internet, non-BT-based private wide area network for secure communications between connected government organisations, by the end of March to speed up government departments' capacity to share customer data.

Through GCSx, local authorities can connect to the Government Secure Extranet (GSX) and Intranet(GSI), the National Health Service (NHS), Criminal Justice Extranet (CJX), and the Police National Network (PNN).

To join they must also sign up to the GCSx Code of Connection (CoCo), which sets out the standards and processes an authority must comply with before being able to connect to GCSx. CoCo includes specific requirements on log data.

Cardiff's implementation of LogRhythm should go live by the end of this month. The new system, which replaces a complex manual system, will bring the council in line with the CoCo standards and ensure it complies with PCIDSS for taking card payments.

Ross Brewer, vice-president and managing director of LogRhythm's EMEA division, said, "With less than three months left to join GCSx, we are seeing a significant increase in enquiries to help councils comply with CoCo. With public sector organisations increasingly under scrutiny over data security and spending, more are recognising the role that advanced log management can play in helping them control both."

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