Comms/email integration gives Ultralase single customer view

Auomated customer communications delivers single customer view of multi-channel communication routes and contact data tracking

In order to engage both online and offline audiences, Ultralase, one of the UK’s foremost and longest-established specialist in laser vision correction, has implemented an integrated, email and SMS communication system gain a single customer view of customers over multi-channel sources.

Working with Ultralase’s existing CRM system, the new solution from Communicator Corp  will automate the company’s customer communications, delivering a single customer view of multi-channel communication routes and tracking contact data throughout the customer lifecycle. It will also  allow for offline customers to be brought online, through the use of “text2mail” as seen in Ultralase’s TV advertising and YouTube campaigns.

Respondents seeking further information enter an automated campaign which reacts to the nature of their enquiry by ensuring that the correct message is sent in reply by the most appropriate channel. The system then allows Ultralase to personalise ongoing communication and marketing campaigns according to segmentation, dynamic content, customer service or behavioural targeting criteria.

Ultralase see particular advantage in location personalisation where prospects and customers are referred to local clinics and advised of practical information such as weekday or weekend opening hours at their nearest clinic.

Explained Harriet John son-Laird, Ultralase’s communications manager, “Managing our multi-channel communication strategy even more effectively will lead to an increase in consultations. However, the real winners here are our customers. With the new system in place we can be more personal, timelier and even more responsive to their individual needs. So it really is a win-win situation.”

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