Huge discrepencies in mobile broadband charges abroad, study finds

Some UK mobile broadband ...

Some UK mobile broadband users are paying 19 times the cheapest rate available for downloading information while abroad, research has revealed.

The research by comparison website Broadband Expert revealed massive discrepancies between the UK's top mobile broadband providers for data usage abroad.

Orange is the most expensive, charging £3.94 per Mb for downloads within the EU, followed by Three (£3.00), O2 (£2.94) and T-Mobile (£1.50).

The cheapest was Vodafone, at 20p a Mb, but to benefit from this rate, users are locked into a £9.99 a day package with a 50Mb limit.

Rates outside the EU are more expensive, ranging from Orange's £6.32 per Mb to Vodafone's £4.99.

Mobile broadband should be more proactive in moving customers away from unreasonable rates, said Rob Webber, commercial director at Broadband Expert.

"Information relating to mobile broadband charges abroad is often hard to find on many providers' websites, leaving users open to excessive charges," he said.

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