Phoenix rises with always-connected mobile computing

Technology aims to provide a dynamic online experience with extended battery life

Phoenix Technologies, a supplier of the so-called PC 3.0 products, services and embedded technologies, has ported its HyperSpace always-connected computing environment to mobile computing platforms powered by ARM processors.


Specifically, the always-connected software is designed for the ARM Cortex-A8 processor architecture which utilises technology for enhanced code density and performance.


It is designed to provide an optimum platform for HyperSpace because of its lightweight footprint and performance, helping OEMs develop and build netbooks with extended battery life.


HyperSpace has been constructed to simplify and improve the mobile experience in multiple ways to enable mobile computing professionals achieve new levels of productivity. It allows rapid boot-up/power-down that should give users quick access to web-based applications as users are instantly and automatically connected to the best available network even if the mobile computing device is carried in and out of range of different wireless networks.


Explaining the launch, Woody Hobbs, President and CEO of Phoenix Technologies said, "Our OEM partners are responding to consumer demand for user-friendly computing devices of all kinds, especially lightweight, nimble netbooks, and because of the way people are using netbooks, require what HyperSpace delivers - a dynamic online experience available in just seconds, with extended battery life."



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