Absolute mobile computing security

Key captures, registry scanning, file scanning, geo-location to determine who has stolen computers

Maintaining security of mobile computing assets has become even more of a vital issue as the recession will inevitably mean that thefts of high value products such as laptops rise.

In order to combat this, computer theft recovery, data protection and IT asset management provider Absolute Software has added Wi-Fi geo-location tracking to its line of mobile computer anti-theft and management products.

The new mobile computer anti-theft and management products use IP tracing, GPS tracking and now Wi-Fi tracking. Customers can log in to an online asset management portal to view their computers plotted on a Google map which mean they also have access to satellite imagery, terrain display and other Google features. Both the Wi-Fi and GPS mapping capabilities are available only if opted-in by the customer in order to ensure flexibility and privacy.

If a computer equipped with Computrace is reported stolen, the system sends a silent signal over the Internet to the monitoring centre allowing the theft recovery team to mine forensically the computer using a variety of procedures including key captures, registry scanning, file scanning, geo-location and other techniques to determine who has the computer and how it is being used. Absolute then works with local law enforcement to help recover the computer.

Embedded in the firmware of the mobile computing device, the agent is designed to resist operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging.

"In the present economic climate, there is increasing pressure on IT and compliance departments to get more from their investments in mobile computing while ensuring maximum protection against data breaches," explained  John Livingston, Chairman and CEO of Absolute.

"The addition of Wi-Fi tracking is [designed to be] helpful...in recovery efforts and [helps] organisations [reduce] loss and exposure to data breaches. But, more importantly, it enables organisations to track their Wi-Fi enabled computing assets, such as desktops, laptops, and netbooks, on a single worldwide map. When used effectively, this intuitive tool can help them mitigate losses by enabling simple and timely identification of when an asset may have moved to unauthorised locations."


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