Mobile computing users willing to pay for acceptable Wi-Fi

Mobile computing expect widely available Wi-Fi services and express a keen willingness to pay for them

Mobile computing users are demanding, and actually, expect widely available Wi-Fi services and even express a keen willingness to pay for them according to the findings of a survey by Devicescape.

The Wi-Fi provider’s survey of 2,700 mobile computing users showed that 91% expect Wi-Fi whilst they are working away from the office and a high number, 84%, want to rely upon citywide Wi-Fi coverage.

As a clear indication of how valuable Wi-Fi is, nearly three-fifths (56%) of Wi-Fi users express a readiness to pay for such services. An overwhelming majority of users (81%) prefer using Wi-Fi over 3G for browsing Web sites, downloading data, Google searches and sending e-mail.

However a number of challenges exist for Wi-Fi services, most notably a reported difficulty in achieving and maintaining connection to a Wi-Fi network. ‘Complicated login screens’ was cited as the most common frustration consumers had when attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Nine-tenths of users want their service provider to allow them to roam between 3G and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly and 82% of respondents want service providers to offer an overall 3G/Wi-Fi data package

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