Protect, not replace, mobile computing assets

With a few simple precautions, businesses can help minimise risk and protect valuable equipment

With threats of an impending credit crunch readily apparent, business simply can’t afford to be taking any risks with their assets, especially mobile computing ones.

According to an advisory from Autosafe International, a provider of solutions for the protection of mobile assets, as purse strings tighten, corporate and petty theft will likely rise in a recession and if equipment isn’t locked down it could be easily stolen. Yet the firm says that with just a few simple precautions, businesses can help to minimise the risk and protect valuable equipment from theft and damage.

Commented Gordon Frewin, sales and marketing director Autosafe International, “Many businesses underestimate the importance of securing mobile devices, and even though they may have policies in place which advise staff to carry equipment with them at all times, this rule is seldom followed as it’s often impractical. Companies tend to ignore the risks presented within their own environment and staff can become complacent with equipment.

“How can a company ensure that everyone coming in and out of the office on a daily basis, including staff, cleaners, suppliers and contractors, can be trusted around unprotected, expensive equipment and sensitive data?”

Lack of end user education, asserts Autosafe, is an ongoing issue and employers need to realise that it is their responsibility to ensure security outside the office is perceived to be of high importance by all staff.  It’s also incumbent upon employers to set realistic policies that protect both employees and equipment.

Concluded Frewin, “The simplest of measures can make all the difference; for example a safe in the car is ideal for mobile workers to secure their laptops. We are all guilty of leaving our laptops in an unsecured car boot at some point when it has not been possible to keep in on our person, even though company policy may have stated that we shouldn’t.  It’s unrealistic to expect mobile workers to carry laptops with them at all times so it’s worth investing a small amount to protect larger, less portable company assets.”


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