Gordon Brown: Tech investment is key to beating recession

I nvestment in technology is necessary to get the UK through the downturn , according to the prime minister

Investment in technology is necessary to get the UK through the downturn, according to the prime minister Gordon Brown.

The premier said investment in the UK's digital infrastructure will be a key part of getting the country through the imminent recession.

"Just as many years ago investment in road and rail infrastructure was a powerful stimulus to the economies then, so too in this new age we can invest in the digital infrastructure for the future, in telecommunications, in environmentally-related industries and in new environmental technologies," said Brown.

He said the investment would "build the technical and environmental infrastructure of the 21st century" as the UK "invests out of the downturn".

"A digital, low carbon, environmentally friendly Europe, highly skilled to face the challenges of the world, is the vision we have to put forward," Brown added.

Brown was speaking after Downing Street talks on Monday with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Jose Manuel Barroso, head of the European Commission.

Representatives of companies including Vodafone, Tesco, British Telecom, the National Grid, Corus, Prudential and Diageo also took part in the meetings.

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