Two-thirds of firms are using cloud computing, despite risks

Two in three businesses have embraced cloud-based computing, despite awareness of security and management risks, according to a survey from Citrix.

Two in three businesses have embraced cloud-based computing, despite awareness of security and management risks, according to a survey from Citrix.

Cloud-based computing involves firms offering applications, data and services to users over the internet, instead of information residing on their machines.

A Citrix survey of 60 IT directors found that 87% believed there were some risks around cloud computing, but this has not stopped most of them using the model.

The research found that 66% of UK organisations are either using cloud-based applications or have made the investment and will be rolling it out in the next year.

Of those embracing cloud computing, 22% are using it across the organisation, 17% are using it in specific departments, and 30% have made an initial investment in the technology.

The responses were garnered from attendees at a recent Citrix Solutions Seminar.

Only 13.3% believe there are no risks associated with cloud computing. Thirty three per cent of respondents believe there are security risks, and 22% are worried about a loss of control of data. In addition, 15% are concerned by a lack of bandwidth, and 10% think it could cause problems with IT management and governance.

"Cloud computing has the potential to deliver a wide range of applications and data to the distributed workforce at low cost, and it is clear organisations already see the benefits," said Chris Mayers, chief security architect at Citrix UK.

"However, organisations need to plan carefully. With cloud computing, data is deposited with the provider, just like depositing money with a bank. You need to be able to get that data back when you need it, and be confident the provider is safeguarding your data, since you remain responsible for its security - so good governance is vital."

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