Alcatel-Lucent beefs up database security consultancy

Alcatel-Lucent ...

Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with UK database security firm Secerno to improve the database analysis capabilities of its security consultants.

The networking firm is the first to join Secerno's newly-launched Security Consultants Programme (SCP).

The programme gives members access to the Secerno.SQL Agile software tool for profiling the way customers' databases are queried.

Anthony Coronato, director of global business development and partnerships at Alcatel-Lucent, said the tool will give the firm a clearer picture of customers' database activity.

This will enable Alcatel-Lucent's security consultants to help customers set up a control policy on their network that allows only legitimate queries to the database.

"Consultants will be able to identify vulnerabilities and inefficiencies in applications or database stored procedures," said Coronato.

Paul Davie, founder and COO at Secerno, said the recent spate of SQL-injection attacks and high profile data breaches has shifted attention to database security.

"There is now less emphasis on network security than on ensuring database applications and queries are secure," he said.

According to Davie, there is a rapidly growing awareness of organisations of the need to understand and control the use of their data.

Security services company Integralis has also signed up to the SCP, which enables them to build Secerno's technology into the systems and services they supply.

This will enable partners to build systems and services to provide real-time database and compliance reports tailored to regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and the Data Protection Act, Secerno said.

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