Asus adds to netbook range with S101

Asus has added to its netbook family with the Eee PC S101 device.

Asus has added to its netbook family with the Eee PC S101 device.

The Windows XP- or Linux-driven S101 comes in a brown, champagne or graphite exterior with crystal-adorned hinges.

"Users can carry themselves with effortless grace, without the slouching and strain that often plagues users of regular notebooks", said Asus.

The netbook is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth short-range wireless, and comes with an encrypted 20GByte internet storage facility known as Eee Storage.

Also keeping users´ data safe is the Eee PC S101´s shockproof Solid State Drive (SSD), which maintains the integrity of the stored data even when subjected to knocks and shocks.

The SSD has advantages over traditional hard disk drives, such as silent operation and reduced energy consumption. The SSD comes in capacities of up to 64GBytes.

The Eee PC S101 is equipped with a 10.2in wide active matrix LED-backlit display and a five-hour battery. The price of the machine has not been confirmed.

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