Application security worries IT professionals

Application security ...

Application security is a key concern for IT professionals, with nearly a third "very worried" about the security of their applications.

81% of IT professionals admitted their applications were vulnerable, according to the survey of 300 IT professionals from Fortify, which provides tools to fix application security.

Hacking is a constant problem with a third of companies reporting being hacked every day.

Firewall software is the main approach to protect applications from hackers, The survey showed 98% of users ran firewalls. 67% of IT professionals used penetration testing and 41% used static analysis software.

The research also found regulations to enforce higher standards of security had a positive benefit. Over a third of security professionals said compliance with regulations such as PCI, Sarbannes Oxley, Basel 2 and the Data Protection Act contributed to a greater awareness of security. They also said the regulations helped to get funds for improving security.

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