P&O Ferries monitors web customers' behaviour

P&O Ferries is to use software from Speed-Trap to monitor how customers use the P&O website.

P&O Ferries is to use software from Speed-Trap to monitor how customers use the P&O website.

The customer relationship management (CRM) software will use Web 2.0 technology to gather data about each individual visit to the website, rather than presenting the technical and marketing teams with historical, general and demographic information.

The technology is deployed with only one change, avoiding the need to individually and manually tag every page and link.

This allows P&O Ferries to monitor their customers' interactions on the site, regardless of how it might change in the future. Understanding the behaviour of online customers will allow the firm to make marketing decisions based on these visits.

Dan Acarnley, web manager at P&O Ferries, said, "Speed-Trap replaced our pre-existing and limited web analytics system, which only provided us with generalised information with no individual detail, and was particularly onerous to deploy as it required countless dynamic tags to be manually placed throughout the site."

He said, "The way the Speed-Trap technology can be implemented was really the selling point from our point of view.

"With Speed-Trap, implementation is quick and easy. You write one line of code on the site and you can simply configure the analysis from the dashboard to instantly retrieve the specific data you need at that particular time for that particular purpose. The time savings in deployment alone are massive."

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