Data centre energy consumption not an IT priority

Firms are failing to curb their data centre energy consumption despite their own concerns.

Firms are failing to curb their data centre energy consumption despite their own concerns.

A survey of firms by the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum shows that despite showing concern for making data centre operations more environmentally sound, few firms have any specific plans in place.

The survey shows that most IT managers give their operations failing grades in reducing energy consumption.

In the face of rising energy costs and increasing environmental concern over global warming, data centre energy consumption continues to rise, and nearly half of IT managers surveyed say their organisations have run out of energy resources within the recent past.

The "Lean & Green - Reducing IT Energy Drain for Business Gain" was conducted by the BPM Forum and sponsored by network storage provider BlueArc.

The study assesses issues and opportunities presented by green computing and ways to address accelerating energy and performance demands and perceived waste in the data centre.

The findings are based on the responses from more than 150 IT professionals in an online survey.

According to the study findings:

  • Three-quarters of respondents gave their organizations a "C" grade or worse in their ability to control IT energy consumption.
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents have no specific green plans in place for the data centre.
  • Nearly 20% spend more than £500,000 a year on IT energy consumption, and 8% spend more than £5m.
  • Nearly 20% set goals of 5% of energy reduction or less, and almost two-thirds had set goals of a 25% reduction or less.
  • But almost half of those polled said IT energy consumption increased in their organisation last year, even as the cost of energy rose.
  • 46% of respondents reported that they had run out of space, power or cooling capacity.

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